At Fidelity Consulting LLC, we realize that every customer has a different situation. Whether the issue is your mortgage or your credit card debt our consulting firm has the experience to solve your problem. Because of the years of experience behind us we are fully aware of how the bank works and what their parameters are.

We ALWAYS know what their next move is when it comes to your mortgage or your credit card. As far as your house goes, the bank DOESN'T want your house MORE than you DO want your house!

Please don't wait another minute, we offer a free consultation. Call us at 201-377-5532, you will be happy you did!


"Fidelity Consulting helped me deal with the bank when I did not have the experience or the time to do it myself. Aurora Loan Services reduced my payment almost $900 and rolled all the missed back payments into the back of the loan. Mark, you saved our house, thank you!"
-Pat M. Las Vegas NV

"I am a 72 year old woman who lives alone. I live on a fixed income and could not continue making the payments. Fidelity Consulting helped me battle it out with Vanderbilt Mortgage. Fidelity came to my rescue and they reduced my payment over 20%. The bank also put 4 months of back payments into the loan. Thank you Fidelity!"
- Helen M. Newport, PA

"I had been out of work for a while and was many months overdue on my mortgage. I felt from the first phone call I was dealing with someone who had the experience to take care of what needed to be done. Chase reduced my payment by almost $500 and over $20,000 of owed mortgage payments went into the loan. Thank you Fidelity!"
- Tommy O. Salem, NH